Clean rooms

Airwatec specializes in industrial engineering applied to filtration, ventilation and air or gas purification.

We handle the surveys, design and workshop manufacturing, as well as the installation of your complete facilities: walls, ceiling, flooring, automatic or manual doors, quick shutters, windows, product transfer locks, lighting, ventilation, laminar flows etc.

We design and build your 'turnkey' clean room.

Several thousand references in industrial filtration in areas such as energy, steel mills, cement plants, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, industrial gases, agro-food industry etc.

We can handle projects from start to finish, from the first contact to the 'turnkey' assembled facility.

Analysis with the client of the situation and environment   Study and design of the solution   Preparation of equipment in workshop   On-site assembly, commissioning and training

CPartition walls-ceiling-floor
Snap doors Material transfer airlock
Ducts Laminar flows