Air filtration for OEM

Which shape for your filter?

Private Label air filters: your filters made to order.

For you, we mould from a casting polyurethane frames on porous media; the frame thus produced is used as a rigid support for the media.

The over moulding is then personalized with your name or logo and will carry your reference numbers or part name. You will also be able to market this item exclusively under your brand name.

  • The maximum possible dimensions in one piece are 650 x 650 mm.
  • Larger sets can be manufactured through assembly.

Many shapes are possible within the limits of our injection technologies.


For this CUSTOM made product, contractual minimum quantities will have to be agreed upon based on the depreciation of the equipment used.

  • Frames: blue polyurethane.
  • Media: the medium can be a filter class G2 up to F6, but could also be another permeable, synthetic or natural medium, even metal, such as woven, non woven, insect screen, cloth etc.
  • Temperature resistance: -20 °C to +70 °C.
  • Impervious to moisture, fully incinerable.

Analysis with the client of the situation and environment   Study and design of the solution   Preparation of equipment in workshop    Orders on request