Chemical filtration

Expertise and audits in air filtration applied to dust removal

Thanks to its experience in advanced air filtration technologies, Airwatec performs full audits for its customers, providing a complete technical and commercial in-depth analysis of optimal solutions.
  • Search for the optimal filtration system taking into account all operating parameters such as cost, energy, maintenance staff etc.
  • Search for the solution best suited to your type of product.
  • Laying of test coupons. Following a given period of time, the coupons are returned to the laboratory at BIOCONSERVACION to determine appropriate solutions with accuracy.
  • Monitoring of all filtration facilities of one site or more, if the customer has multiple sites.
  • Other
We carry out audits in areas such as energy, steel industry, cement plants, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, industrial gases, agro-food industry etc.

A detailed written report is presented following the audit.

Test coupons are placed on-site
Laboratory analysis
Determination of the optimal solution